WELSTAR ORGANICS owner Mahara Ashlie lives in the small historic town of Orleans, MA which is situated on beautiful Cape Cod.  The WELSTAR product line is formulated and handcrafted out of her home that she shares with her wife, daughter and twelve rescue animals.  She is committed to creating all-natural, safe and effective personal care and lifestyle products offering authentic alternatives to conventionally produced synthetic products.

Her products are handcrafted in small batches using fresh raw materials and is committed to using high quality, vegan, nature based and organic ingredients.  Her products are not tested on animals, but rather by her friends and family.

Why vegan?  After a life changing visit to the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY Mahara and her family transitioned into a vegan lifestyle and Mahara began integrating her new passion of supporting and advocating for animal rights with WELSTAR's mission.  Mahara's family has been supporting Farm Sanctuary ever since that visit in 2004 and this year WELSTAR is proud to be a corporate partner.

Mahara fell in love with aromatherapy and herbology 25 years ago during her journey to heal herself from severe environmental allergies and asthma.  She tried many alternative treatment methods that didn't work but was determined to find a way to help heal her body.  With her background in alternative healing, she began creating natural product formulas inspired by common needs for self-care that we all share.  And a business was born.  She has been selling her line of products since 1989.

The WELSTAR mission is to provide natural vegan products that have a positive effect on all beings and our planet earth.  Most of her ingredients are sourced in the USA yet some come only from the place where they naturally grow such as the Shea butter which is made form the kernel of a fruit that grows wild in West Africa and Argan oil which comes from a Moroccan tree existing nowhere else in the the world.

Her inspiration comes from the needs we all share for self care.  If she doesn't make it and someone needs it she formulates it.

She loves quotes.  She finds them so inspirational that she puts them on many of her product labels.  She doesn't have a favorite but she does use one to remind her of the most important ingredients in all of her products.  She has been saying "Listen to what your body needs and treat it with love" since she was seeking wellness in her mid twenties and began learning the important art of loving oneself and caring and healing.  She includes love in all her product ingredients.  "Treat it with Love" has become a motto for WELSTAR.

Products that she cannot live without in the wintertime and for outdoor cold weather activities include Skin Smoothie, Lip Guard, Lip Candy, Red Raspberry fluid, and Relief Serum. 

You can view her products at website   She is also on Facebook.

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"I LOVE formulating new products.  I am a creative person - an artist.  And when I create new formulas it is an art.  I also love guiding people towards a more natural lifestyle and awareness of using products that are healthy for not only themselves but the environment."


"First I look at effectiveness.  What ingredients blended together will create the effect I am looking for.  Then I look at what application makes the most sense - a cream, a salve, a tincture, etc.  Next I work on the sensual pleasing quality of the product.  A cream needs to look good, feel good, and smell good.  Last I create a label that informs the customer while looking attractive and I choose packaging that makes it easy to use."