Is to inspire you to live beautifully with American made.

In American Crush, we inspire you to live beautifully with American-made by showcasing the best American-made brands and the people dedicated to making them.  American Crush celebrates the designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and business owners - from handcrafted to high-tech - for their commitment to making their products in America.

From coast to coast American Crush brings to life the stories behind the products, inviting readers to explore the inspirational journeys of American entrepreneurship that often goes unnoticed.

Through meet-the-maker stories and stunning photography, we are dedicated to introducing quality American-made products that readers will want to surround themselves with in the home and garden, dress and accessories with, and take on the go to destinations that we explore across this big, vast, beautiful country called America.

Founded and edited by Catherine Bieri, American Crush speaks directly to readers who are passionate about good design and quality products, with the added benefit of learning about the companies who are helping to support the American dream and working hard to make a difference in their local communities and job creation