Patti Yancey began designing bags in 2007.  But she didn't begin building her brand until much later after losing her job as the National Sales Director for a well known fashion company.   With the encouragement of her friends and family she finally took the leap of designing her own line and started selling in August of 2010.  All of her products are hand-crafted in the USA.  Patti tells us more about her company below.  You can view her products at

Kindred Spirit Style is all about turning trash into treasure, and we pride ourselves in our handmade handbags.  We buy out manufacturer's rejects.  We also incorporate scraps and end pieces to create a beautiful handbag like no other, and we try to use hardware made in the USA when possible.  Every single one of the bags are cut and sewn in the United States. Currently, we have 20 ladies sewing our bags for us, and the majority of them are local.  Some are stay at home mothers, and this is the only income they have to support their family.  Our handbags are in about 200 stores nationwide, and we are especially honored to have partnered with St. Jude Hospital.  We made about 2,000 products for St. Jude in 2014, and are now in the process of making an additional 2,000 products to help raise money for the children in need.  Kindred Spirit Style is not just about making a bag, but empowering people and making a difference.