Elegance and good taste is what you will show others through your decision to send carefully crafted, handwritten notes and thank you cards.  Your efforts on this soon-to-be lost art will be rewarded with the appreciation and admiration of receivers.  There is an immediate pay off to taking the extra time. The hand written note is something all of us can do to set our correspondence ahead of the rest. 


First, one of the most romantic (and memorable) acts that you can do is to tuck a hand written note inside a lunch bag or a suitcase to say another time, “I love you and I care.” In the arena of romance… nothing is more cherished.  Additionally, it is good for you.  The act of writing a sweet note will keep your creative juices flowing and reflect other loving acts of kindness.  There is nothing wrong with exercising a few unused creative brain cells for a brief moment.  Further, you will demonstrate real caring.  

In the gift thank you venue, you show just how much you cared for another’s thoughtfulness.  Of course, it goes without saying that in the gentile realm of politeness, you will leave an impression of sophistication. If or when you find yourself struggling to find the right words in person, you will discover that the words flow as you get into the habit of expressing sentiment in this abbreviated format.  

In this world of thumb-generated short hand, there is merit in taking the long route to communication.   Your inspiration can come from seeing and using the beautiful array of papers and notes available today. 

Night Owl Paper Goods, Inc.,  has a nice array of personal paper products that will reflect your tastes and interests.   It is an enjoyable experience to select just the right vehicle for your correspondence.  There are several American companies and stores holding firm to the elegant tradition and it would be great to support that effort.  At year end, the push is on to bring you many choices for ‘greetings of the season’.   As the holidays approach and gift giving abounds, please remember this sweet act of expression.  You will feel wonderful about yourself.  We promise.    

Words by: Carol Ryan.  Photos courtesy of Night Owl Paper Goods