In our search for Ski and Board equipment being made in the USA it turns out that it wasn't that hard  - there are some cool options out there.  Below are 3 companies that have banded together with Ride American Made Skis & Snowboard Colab to promote their products.  These products are handcrafted by skiers and boarders for skiers and boarders.  Each company has their own story to tell.  Check them out below...and check back soon for the next batch of companies we'll share with you.


RAMP stands for Riders Artists Musicians Project - and we are loving it!   This company has banded artists, musicians, and athletes together to create one heck of a story.  They are based out of Park City, Utah and take enormous pride that their skis and snowboards are made using high-tech green technology.  Check out their factory video below and head on over to their site 

RAMP created this 30 foot YETI that lives in the front of their factory from factory scraps and recycled steel.  They host a party each year called the Bamboozle.  It showcases artwork created by local artists using factory scraps, everything from topsheet, core and base materials.  They also have local musicians playing throughout the party and end the party with a grand finale of their own employee and athlete hit the Yeti feature.  Click here to see more about this awesome project. 



This company is located in Whitefish, Montana about 10 minutes away from Whitefish Mountain Resort on Big Mountain.  Notice Snow Boards is a family business run by Founder Brittan Ellingson and his wife Lauren.  Brittan is also the companies lead shaper.   

Their boards are hand crafted and they can be completely customized every step of the way.  We're not just  talking just a logo, but the board shape, the rocker or camber profile, the edge/trail design and stiffness.   

They build boards for professionals as well as beginners.  

Check them out at

All pictures courtesy of  Khorus Eye Imagery.


Bluehouse Skis was started in 2007 and has a ski-production factory in Salt Lake City, UT.  Check out their videos below on their factory tour and some great skiing clips.  You can check out their website