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I recently met up with Gillian Hurrie, mother, yoga instructor and Cape Cod based jewelry designer in a cute little coffee shop in Barnstable, MA.  She has been producing her unique design of vintage inspired jewelry since 2005 and sells her work at art festivals and various studios across New England.  In 2009 after she became certified to teach yoga, she naturally found herself introducing yoga and nature inspired aesthetics to her jewelry.  

She will create custom orders or design variances on current pieces.  She loves to provide little notes with her pieces that explains a little about the material and the stone in her creations.  Here's a peek inside her world of design.  

Interview by Catherine Bieri / Photos provide by Gillian Hurrie

Tell us a little about you and how you got started in jewelry design.

When I was a little girl as young as the age of 2, I would put on as much jewelry from my mom’s jewelry box as I could pile on! I have always loved jewelry and felt truly myself- my true colors as my mom would say- a little extra special, creative and fun!

So as a stay at home mom in 2002, I started creating pieces which I would literally “dream”- both as a hobby and because the ideas came flooding in and I needed an outlet to create. I launched Jewelry by gg in 2005, and now the company is named Gillian Hurrie Inspired Designs.

Tell us about your design style - what makes your collection unique.

The tag line reads, “Be Inspired. Be Unique. Be You.” I hope the client is inspired to feel a little more special wearing my designs.  Honestly, I struggle with the mass-produced or trendy lines out there. I am not sure I want to be just typical and expected. I like that my designs are often one of a kind, artisan, handmade by me alone. This to me is more meaningful and I think my client appreciates that.


What types of materials do you work with?  

Whenever possible, I use high quality semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and other metals, and repurposed materials from vintage jewelry pieces. I am currently learning to silver smith, which certainly challenges my creativity even more and allows me the freedom to explore the infinite images I have in mind. 

What are your favorite pieces that you enjoy making and why?

Without question, I enjoy making malas, which are centuries-old prayer beads used to count mantras (Sanskrit prayers). But I call them Mala Necklaces. When its possible, I create pieces which can be worn multiple ways. Clients can purchase malas I create or order their own custom piece.  They can be worn as a necklace, bracelet wrap, or used for the original purpose- to pray. Each mala is hand-strung and made with love.

I also love to wire wrap.

What type of person wears your jewelry?

It doesn't matter how old or young. What clients tell me time and time again, is that their newly purchases pieces make them feel unique, beautiful, special. They have an appreciation for the semi-precious stones, both colors and healing properties of the stones. They can see my diverse take on Trend, yet recognize I want to create a handmade, artisan take on what they want to wear.