Farmer D Organics wants to help make the world a greener place.  

What started out as a curiosity to grow a sandwich from scratch has turned into a passionate career in sustainable farming and social justice.

Daron Joffe, formally known as Farmer D, got his start in biodynamic farming in 1995 as a freshman in college. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison he stumbled upon a Biodynamic Farming Seminar at the Michael Fields Institute. This seminar introduced Farmer D to the spiritual values and philosophies behind Rudolf Steiner and biodynamic farming. Since then he has been on a mission to advocate growing, eating, and supporting sustainable agriculture. He has worked in many venues including running his own biodynamic farm and setting up dozens of organic farms and gardens around the country in prisons, schools, residential communities, and community centers. He has a passion for localizing the food system and for empowering people to grow their own food.

This passion ultimately led Farmer D to opening a retail organic garden center. He believed that his vision of helping people grow their own food at home would be well-received, as the return on investment for a home garden can be a great money-saver. Farmer D Organics’ flagship organic garden center was born in the retail space of his father’s car wash in a prime location - across the street from a Whole Foods and Starbucks near Emory Village in Atlanta. This became the new base of operations, where Farmer D’s vision for creating urban gardens all over Atlanta began. Farmer D’s father, Stanley, s a talented wood-worker and began working with Daron to design and build a wide-range of raised beds made of sustainably harvested cedar. The goal is to provide people who want to grow their own food with a complete package including a raised beds, organic soil, drip irrigation, seeds, plants and guidance. The target audience for Farmer D’s “Gardens to Go” is homeowners, schools, community gardens, restaurants and more.

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What is really cool is that their Organic Compost is made from a combination of green waste of the prepared food and produce departments of Whole Food Markets and byproducts from pine forests, cotton gins, peanuts, chicken litter, granite dust and other biodynamic soil preparations.