Durango Bike Company believes "the best way to predict the future is to help create it".  They want to educate the biking community to become more aware of where their bikes components originate and who made it.  

All of Durango bikes are hand made in Durango, Colorado and they partner with as many USA suppliers as they can, producing only a limited number of custom bikes each year.  They are a company committed to showcasing great American craftsmanship.

They also believe that their environmental policies should be in alignment with the clean form of transportation that biking is and are proud to be a part of the 100% green program.  Their facilities, mills, and equipment all run off 100% solar power. That's pretty nice.  You can learn more at durangobikecompany.com.


We believe the community of mountain bike riders is a lot more capital conscious than what the industry leads on to.

It is critical to DBC that we do not overcharge for American made, that we offer a superior product at a great value, and we make a difference in our communities and the families of our team.  Nothing makes us cringe more than to hear "it costs more because it is made in the USA".  If you are innovative, creative and willing to work hard, you can get it done at the same or less price than overseas.


It takes a small village to manufacture a full suspension mountain bike, we have frames that are cut, mitered and fixtured.  We have machinists who custom fabricate our linkages, pivots, washers, bolts, bottom brackets, etc.  We then have aerospace welders who weld our front triangles and rear ends.  The frames are then transported to the oldest, family owned heat treatment facility west of the Mississippi - this is where the aluminum frame and all welds achieve T6 certification. We then have powder-coaters who set the frame colors, and then finally, we have assembly who install all the components like the brakes, drivetrains, suspension forks and shocks, wheels, tires, handlebars, seatposts, grips and decals. 


For some components it is impossible but we try to team with American companies with American based employees.   And it just happens that our American team is providing some of the best components available on the market.  An example of this American spirit is Chris King (100% American headsets), Industry Nine (100% American wheel sets), Thomson (100% American bars, stem, seat posts), Cane Creek (100% rear suspension), and SRAM (100% American owned and operated but all parts come from Taiwan drivetrains, brakes).