American Crush is all about supporting the creators, innovators and people making it here in the USA.  We would love to hear from you about  all those wonderful things happening and being made out there!  You can contribute by Sharing your personal finds, Writing for us, having your company product Featured, and Supporting us.  

Share your favorite American made products for everyone to see!

We would love to see pictures of what you are buying or liking that is American made whether it's clothes, furniture for your house or camping gear.  Send us a picture or video of your likes and we may feature it on our site once we've done a review (you understand we need to make sure it is American made, is a friendly image or video content).  See what others are sharing here.

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Write for American Crush

Interested in writing for American Crush?  Do you have a wonderful story to share about someone or a company making it in America?  Do you have a local story to share about someone contributing to the community?  Take a look at our guidelines.  Provide us with a link to some of your previous work.  Don't have a link? Don't worry, we are always interested in great content, so give us a compelling message and we'll get back to you.

Get Featured and connect with the American Crush community

We love to hear about products manufactured in the USA and talk to the people who are making them. We want to tell your story.  We really do! Send us a message telling us a little about you and your product, and we will get in contact with you and do our best to get you featured. 

Support American Crush

Would you like to be a supporter?  We would love to promote your American made product and brand name on our SPONSORS page.  Send us an email request.


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