Words by Jayne Smith

Photos provided by BatchNO.8

“Made from striking, luxurious fabrics, Batch No. 8 dresses and jumpsuits are characterized by modern-feminine silhouettes, polished style, and tailored fit. Each piece is produced in limited quantities and designed, developed, and hand-crafted in the USA.” 

Designer Sarah Speck is the designer behind Batch No. 8, a curated assortment of contemporary dresses with a polished aesthetic, luxe materials, and feminine, tailored fit. The collection is inspired by a love of couture, but interpreted in an appealing and flattering way for the modern fashion customer.

You can see more of her line at: www.batchno8.com


Q-We love the unique cuts of your outfits--the way you work with the contrasting bias of the fabric. Is that something you were encouraged to play around with in your studies at the Washington University of St. Louis' fashion design program?

 I learned so many things in my studies at Wash U in the Fashion Design Program!  In addition to all of the creative elements of design, I was also taught how to make my garments appealing to consumers and therefore successful in the marketplace. One of the main lessons I learned was how to create a collection that encompasses multiple silhouettes to appeal to a variety consumers with different body types. In addition, I learned how to create shapes and proportions that flatter the figure. As a designer you can create a gorgeous dress, but if it doesn’t complement the wearer it’s pointless. 


Q-What did you take away from your internship at Halston?

 The most important thing that I took away from Haltson was a greater understanding of the industry of fashion. I learned more about the design process and how it is applied in a high-fashion setting. I was actually able to participate in the process, from the beginning stages of inspiration research and sketching, all the way through fittings of the final garments. It really was a fantastic experience.


Q-Tell us about your partnership with Nineteenth Amendment.

 My partnership with Nineteenth Amendment is really exciting because it is a web platform that helps emerging designers to bring their creations to market. This is important because for new brands, such as BATCH NO. 8, it can be a huge challenge to get the attention of potential customers. This partnership has been amazing because, not only have my designs available for sale on their site, but they are also featured on Macys.com in their “Impulse” Section, as these two companies recently began a collaboration to showcase new talent. 


Q-What are your future dreams for BATCH NO. 8?

 My dream for BATCH NO. 8 is to take the brand from being solely an apparel line, to eventually include other categories such as footwear, outerwear, and leather goods. 

 Q-Tell us why it is important to you to have your manufacturing requirements met in the U.S.

 Working with a local factory allows for me to have a face-to-face relationship with my partners. I am able to attend every sample review and fitting in person. This cuts down on miscommunication and saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to ship samples back and forth. Also, it is fantastic to know that the people actually cutting and sewing my apparel are true craftsmen. They are experts in their industry and they are compensated fairly. To me it is important to create a product of which I am proud!