In putting American Crush together there was a lot of debate as to whether the company has to make everything in the U.S.A. or only a portion?  Do all of the materials have to be sourced from America or can it be of mixed domestic and imported materials?  

In order for a company to  label a product "Made in USA" it must follow FTC compliance rules that can be a bit sticky  - and in my opinion vague.

We feel that if a company is making and sourcing a significant portion of their product here, creating jobs, and growing their facilities here then that makes sense for us.  Even if they have another facility internationally (that facility is most probably local to that area and creating jobs there - which is a good thing).  Let's face it not everything can be sourced in the USA - we don't make everything and never have.  We are not silk producers, we don't have the natural grasses that are found in Africa for woven baskets, and the examples could go on.  In some cases we just don't do it anymore, but if a company is trying to help revive an industry and bring it back bit-by-bit - that is cool and we want to let you know.  

Our goal is to bring awareness to the companies that are doing their best to produce their products here, revive an industry of skill, and create jobs (even if it isn't every component of the product) - in our opinion that counts big time!