Catherine Bieri - Founder of American Crush


When I was growing up we didn’t have nearly anywhere the abundance of products that are available to us today.  But I do believe we had a better idea of who made our products and where they came from. In my family we bought our fruits and vegetables from the farmers stand as much as possible, and twice a year my parents would buy a half cow from the butcher wherein we would have a freezer full of meat wrapped in white waxed paper.  We bought our appliances from Sears and our cars from GM, Ford or Chevrolet – at one point my parents owned a 1969 red Chevy Camaro (how I wish they never sold it!).  Of course, there were many imported luxury products on the market, and there were also cheaper made import products, but not to the extent that we see today. 

Back in the ‘60’s Americans only spent about 6% of their income on imported goods.  Today that number is well over 60% resulting in a lot of businesses shutting down and lost jobs.  The why and the how we got to this point are beyond this post however; it is one of reasons that I started American Crush.

Another reason is the frustration I feel when people comment about how someone needs to do something about the loss of jobs due to the off-shore manufacturing frenzy has that embraced our culture over the last 20 years.  My response is “Why not you?”

Every American holds the purchasing power to make a difference in their local community and nationwide by supporting companies who are investing in the USA and their community.

I am not suggesting that everything you purchase be made in America, nor am I suggesting you not buy something you love just because it isn’t made in the USA.  Our economy relies on people buying our exports and we need imports just like every other country, and there are many wonderful worthwhile causes to support.

But we will show you how you can live beautifully with American made, and we will recognize the efforts of the people investing in their communities and job creation in the hopes that you will support the makers making it here.



There’s a grass roots movement that is celebrating quality over quantity and success is being measured by the jobs being created and the pride in quality craftsmanship