Catherine Bieri - Founder of American Crush

I have traveled and lived in many different countries throughout my adulthood.  I was gone from the U.S. for more than 12 years living in Europe and South Africa as my job choices required it.  I loved living in foreign countries and getting to know the people and cultures.   A number of years ago I bought a house on Cape Cod but still found myself on the road.  On my last stint, I decided that once i returned to the US I would open up a "lifestyle" store with wonderful eclectic home furnishings, accessories and casual but smart looking wearables.  

Going to the NY buyers market to touch and feel the items that I would carefully curate, I noticed the lack of US brand representation. So I started digging, and talking, and asking and I've met some some incredible people along the way making wonderful products here in the U.S.  Many of these are small companies who's owners and employees are working hard to either revive industries that have been off-shored or trying to keep certain skills and craftsmanship alive with their small batch productions.  And it's here through American Crush that I share with you who those people are, what they're making, and their journey to make their products in America.  

I hope to inspire you to live "LIVE, DRESS & GO" with an American made lifestyle! 

We invite you to celebrate quality over quantity and share in the success is that is being measured by the jobs being created and the pride in quality craftsmanship.