50 Things to Do This Winter


Winter is here.

If you live in the part of the US that gets hit hard by winter it can be all to easy get into a winter blues funk.  The holidays are over, the snow has set in, it's sub-zero temperatures outside, and all you want to do is take a long nap and hope that when you open your eyes spring will be here. 

Well rather than just endure the winter, embrace the winter and tackle some (or all) of the items on this list of activities.  Before you know it, spring will be here and perhaps you've learned a new skill,  had some unexpected fun, or finished a needed project. 

Step away from your screen and computer and try some of the indoor and outdoor activities below.

1.  Go snow skiing.

2.  Build a snowman.

3.  Visit that museum that you've always had on your list.  

4. Learn how to make a new soup for a hearty meal (check out this one here).

5. Find things in your house to donate to your local charity.  You'll thank yourself come spring.

6. Throw a make-your-own pizza party.  Supply the dough, and fixings, ask people to bring their own special ingredients. 

7.  Host a stress-free pot-luck.

8.  Enlist your neighbors to take part in a progressive dinner (read some tips here)

9.  Go ice skating at the local ice rink (take lessons if you don't know how).

10.  Take a pottery class.

11.  Join a book club.

12.  Clean out that junk closet - you really will feel good about it!

13. Create an in-door herb garden.

14. Visit a public library.


15. Write a letter.  Post it in the mail, it really is a special treat for the one receiving it.

16.  Organize a luncheon and day out with friends.  Pick the place, the meeting time, and create an itinerary of shops to visit. 

17.  Tick off an item on your bucket list.

18.  Create a bucket list if you don't have one.

19.  Re-evaluate your cleaning products that you use in your home.  Go green by swapping out products on our Green Cleaning list. 

20.  Send us your events that you plan to attend in 2017 here.

21. Shop local.  It get's you out of the house and supports a community business.

22. Throw a wine and cheese party. 

23. Spend time with your family. 

24.  Do a puzzle.

25.  Create a playlist for the gym or for when cooking or doing chores.

26.  Become a tourist in your own city.

 Photo by Joshua Dutweiller

Photo by Joshua Dutweiller

27.  Learn to identify the different trees in your neighborhood.

28.  Take an evening walk and star-gaze.

29. Set up a birdhouse in your garden.

30.  Offer to help a neighbor with a task. 

31.  Have a snowball fight. 

32.  Host a game night. 

33. Visit a local craft brewery (did you know that most people live within 10 miles of one?). 

34. Donate to your local food pantry.

35. Call someone you've been thinking about! Don't email or text.